Creative Resume Revamp

Creative Resume Revamp: $100

Are you a creative soul looking to take your talents corporate? If you’re looking to enter the fields of marketing, communications, advertising, public relations, graphic design, or technology, take the extra step of making a creative resume to stand out among the crowd.

Creative resumes aren’t just for graphic designers anymore. Companies are rapidly gaining more interest in who you are holistically before wanting to just understand your skillset. This is where your personal brand makes all the difference. Make your personal brand shine with a creative resume. 

For less than the cost of a fancy pair of jeans, this service includes all the quantified and impact-oriented rewriting of the standard resume revamp, plus a completely new custom layout that you can only get here. 

Don’t believe in the power of a creative resume yet? Check out the resume that got me my dream offer at Google, the #1 place to work on Glassdoor, three years in a row.

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 2.08.10 PM

While this is undoubtedly my favorite format because it uses space the most optimally, this is not the only version of formatting you receive with the creative resume package. Here is a sneak peek of the variety you have to choose from when purchasing a creative resume revamp. 


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Please allow 24 hours for a response and the average wait time from initial contact to a complete resume is one week. If you would like your resume finished in less than 2 days, a $10 fee can be added.