Standard Resume Revamp

Standard Resume Revamp: $75

You’ve spent hours submitting your resume to various companies, yet you’ve heard no reply. You could continue on this track to no avail, or you could potentially make the best decision of your career—purchasing the Standard Resume Revamp package for only $75. With this package, your resume will no longer be a list of titles only significant to the people you’ve already worked with. Your resume will show your impact in ways you may not have considered before. Your resume will be as quantified as possible, so that recruiters will see the scale and breath of your work. And lastly, I will be personally invested in your success. If you don’t see a difference in the responses of recruiters, I will personally refer you to open positions I know of. See the difference in a before and after below.



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Please allow 24 hours for a response and the average wait time from initial contact to a complete resume is one week. If you would like your resume finished in 2 days or less, a $10 fee can be added.