Marah Green’s Five-Star Review

I LOVED working with Crystal! She was so helpful in outlining exactly what she needed from me, in order to build and optimize my LinkedIn. And then from there she did an amazing job executing a perfect summary and highlighting all my important experiences. To top it off she even sent me a ton of information on how to better use LinkedIn and gave me her top strategy tips. Hire her, she’s amazing!

Victoria Jean-Pierre’s Five-Star Review

Crystal did a superior job revamping my resume on the more creative side! She was very professional and completed it in a timely manner. I definitely recommend her to anyone needing help with their resume.

Summer Provance’s Five-Star Review

As an engineer, I have always focused on the content of my resume, but never on the style. Let me tell you, Crystal completely revamped my resume and made it look beautiful! If you are looking for someone to take the busy work out of making a design that works for your resume while also editing and critiquing it, then look no further!

Thais Ackerman’s Five Star-Review

I just received my revamped resume and I am more than happy with Consult Crystal. I purchased the standard resume revamp. My upgraded resume was returned in a timely manner. It looks more professional and my job descriptions are clear and concise. I am very satisfied and I highly recommend Crystal’s services!

Madison Sack’s Five-Star Review

Crystal did an amazing job improving the content and aesthetic of my resume. I am very pleased with the outcome of my final resume and have received great feedback from potential employers throughout the interview process. She did a great job tailoring the content to emphasize my personal strengths and highlight my abilities. Her service was very professional and timely.

Lizzie Milfort’s Five-Star Review

Crystal was incredibly helpful and thorough. Not only did she completely rework my resume, quantifying all my skills and making them attractive to potential employers, but she also gave me so many personalized tips to improve myself. Such a great experience!!

Myesha Senior’s Five-Star Review

Crystal did a wonderful job with my resume. She turned it around and made it look a lot better than how. I originally had it. Great service and quick turn around.